TV Review: Star Wars Rebels – “Blood Sisters”

After bringing back some beloved Clone Wars characters in its first few episodes, Star Wars Rebels is back to shining the spotlight on its own cast. Last week, we got a great episode featuring Hera front and center. In this episode, "Blood Sisters", Sabine got a similar treatment.
Warning: this review contains spoilers.
SabineSabine’s always been the most mysterious character of the Rebels crew. There were allusions to the time she spent at the Imperial Academy, but until now we knew next to nothing about her past. The introduction of Ketsu Onyo provided another piece of the puzzle: after the Academy, but before joining Hera, Sabine spent time as a bounty hunter. Ketsu was an especially interesting counterpart because she represented what Sabine could have become had she continued down that path. But it seems that despite their past friendship, Sabine and Ketsu were fundamentally different people.
As far as action goes, the episode certainly delivered. Between Ketsu taking down stormtroopers singlehandedly, and a tense sequence featuring a mid-space stand-off with the Empire and a clever, explosive escape, there was a lot to keep me on the edge of my seat.
Chopper HelloChopper was an absolute delight this week. His mischievous shenanigans were even more entertaining than usual thanks to some superb animation. The way he popped into frame behind Ketsu’s back, casually waved hello and proceeded to cheerfully dismantle her ship’s weaponry? That was comedy gold. Kudos to the animation team for really nailing his movements and giving him just the right amount of slapstick charm. Star Wars isn’t Star Wars without humour.
My only gripe about "Blood Sisters" was how quickly Ketsu changed loyalties. One moment she was about to kill Sabine, and barely a few minutes later, they were friends again. Don’t get me wrong, putting them in a tight corner and giving them a common enemy in the Empire was a great way to have them set aside their differences, work together, and reconcile in the process. But this is a case where Rebels‘s half-hour runtime worked against it, as the process felt a bit rushed.
In the end, though, this long-overdue Sabine-centric episode was another great installment of a consistently good show.

Rating: 4/5 (Great)

Notes and Observations

  • A gonk droid finally got some spotlight!
  • The scene where Ezra and Sabine accosted random strangers was also pretty funny, mainly for their weirded out reactions. But Ezra didn’t really do much this week, did he?
  • I’m glad Ketsu will be back, as I don’t think we’ve learned enough about either her or Sabine. Plus, she has the potential to be a really cool character.
  • Ketsu’s armour is based on an unused The Force Awakens design, which is really cool. And her ship, the Shadow Caster, is a modified version of another unused design: Ventress’s ship, the Banshee.
  • R2-D2 cameo!
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