TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow – “White Knights”

White Knights
Warning: this review contains spoilers. You can find my review of the previous episode of Legends of Tomorrow here.
What better way to kick off an episode then a Pentagon heist scene? The ease in which the team broke into such a high-security location was forgivable compared to how fun it was watching the whole team united and using their different skills to work together and pull it off.
The rest of the episode, however, split the team up into various subplots, and the results were unfortunately mixed.
One of the most successful pairings on a show full of successful pairings is Snart and Ray Palmer. The cool, charismatic thief and the eager scientist made for a great duo two episodes ago, and “White Knights” teamed them up again to great results. It was amusing to watch Ray completely fail to woo Valentina Vostok before Snart stepped in effortlessly. Equally funny was the running gag of Snart stealing people’s wallets. Legends of Tomorrow has been utilizing Snart, as well as Heatwave, even better than The Flash did.
Rip HunterStein and Jax’s relationship continued to evolve this week, and though Stein knowingly acted like a giant jerk, I liked their emotional confrontation. It complexified yet also deepened their bond, and the mention of Ronnie Raymond as a motivation for Stein’s fear of losing Jax was a nice touch.
Rip Hunter’s confrontation with Time Master Druce was more of a mixed bag. We don’t know enough about the Time Masters to really invest in this angle, and Chronos remains a very bland villain. On the other hand, I liked seeing that our heroes’ interference was messing up the timestream enough to force a Time Lord to interfere. It gives our heroes’ mission even higher stakes, as they battle not only Savage, but the consequences of their own actions. For example, Savage working on replicating Firestorm thanks to what he saw in the 1970s is a great way of giving weight to the team’s interference.
The one subplot that wasn’t so engaging was the one involving Sara and Hawkgirl. In previous episodes, pairing Sara with literally anyone was a recipe for success, but that wasn’t the case here. Hawkgirl’s been sidelined for so long that I wish she were finally brought into the main plot. Instead, the show took Sara, one of the most successful characters, and pushed her aside with Kendra. And the whole thing was really unnecessary. Why give Kendra bloodlust-like symptoms out of the blue when we’ve already seen that storyline play out with Roy, Sara, and Thea?
“White Knights” ended with a strong action sequence that was very enjoyable to watch. But it could have been even better had the entire team been their in all of their superhero glory, like the opening sequence of “Pilot, Part 2”. I still don’t understand Rip’s reasons for keeping half of the team away. It felt like a contrivance to justify the cliffhanger, but at least it promises a fun follow-up next week.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Good)

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