TV Review: Supergirl – “For the Girl Who Has Everything”

For the Girl Who Has Everything
Warning: this review contains spoilers. You can find my review of the previous episode of Supergirl here.
If you’re going to adapt one of the most well-known Superman stories of all time, you’d better make sure the episode lives up to it. Sadly, “For the Girl Who Has Everything” only got it half-right, and the half that worked was not the one I was expecting to.
Arriving the same week as The Flash‘s phenomenal and similarly alternate universe-themed episode, “Welcome to Earth-2” put “For the Girl Who Has Everything” at a disadvantage. Not to draw too many comparisons, but The Flash showed that concept done right. Mainly, splitting the storyline across two episode allowed the alternate universe to be fleshed out properly. This makes the heroes’ journey there feel worth it, and their escape feel earned. Not only did Supergirl constrict it to one episode, it also spent as little time as possible in the “fantasy” universe.
For an episode named “For the Girl Who Has Everything”, it surprised me just how little time was spent in Supergirl’s dream world of Krypton. It could have been a fascinating episode showcasing the world Kara wished she could have, exploring it in great detail, and showing us exactly why she’d accept it as real, until finally planting the doubt that makes her reject it. Instead, barely a few scenes were spent on Krypton, and Kara’s entire arc went by at lightning speed, giving us no time to process it.
Most of the episode was spent with the people around Kara, and honestly those scenes were more effective than Kara’s, our protagonist. Alex, James, and Winn’s concern. J’onn posing as Kara at work. Astra helping out Alex. Max Lord helping the DEO. Not bad at all. It’s just that the episode was supposed to be about Kara, and… it wasn’t.
Heck, her waking up from the fantasy world was not even the episode’s climax, coming instead barely three quarters into it. This made it even more rushed than it already was. No, the real climax was another battle against Kryptonians as Non and Astra’s plans began to take shape. And it was a great climax, too, with a battle between Astra and the Martian Manhunter that culminated in Astra’s dramatic death.
All in all, it was a good episode mainly for the climactic sequence, as well as the supporting characters. It’s just too bad that what was supposed to be the main, central plot was hardly given any attention.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Good)

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