TV Review: Supergirl – “Myriad”

Warning: this review contains spoilers. You can find all of my Supergirl reviews here.
The penultimate episode of Supergirl‘s first season, “Myriad”, aimed to raise the stakes and set up the finale, but it didn’t quite succeed. Inconsistent in quality, “Myriad” felt more like a placeholder than a ramp-up. Which meant that, despite quite a few strong and enjoyable moments, it was puncutated by long stretches of boredom.
Last episode, I mentioned that the sight of National City’s mind controlled citizens marching to Non’s orders made for a haunting sight, but unfortunately, the sense of danger that permeated that ending was almost entirely gone in “Myriad”. For the most part, Non’s victims just… sat around. Typing on keyboards. Doing… stuff… to save the planet? I guess? It wasn’t very well-defined, and it didn’t feel threatening at all. Of course, those people needed to be saved from Non’s mind control. But there was no urgency to it, no sense that the situation was so desperate that Max Lord’s dangerous plan was needed.
NonIt didn’t help that Non continued to be bland as could be. He spent most of his screentime giving monologue after monologue, and it got tedious and repetitive. He didn’t feel threatening at all, especially since his attempts to defeat Supergirl were halfhearted, as his ally Indigo noted (in a monologue of her own). The only time he seemed intimidated was when he made James, Winn, and Kelly the redshirt jump off the balcony, forcing Kara to choose whom to save. And even that wasn’t executed very well, the wonky editing and lack of a genuine sense of struggle for Kara totally undercutting the scene’s impact.
Despite that, there were enough strengths in “Myriad” to make it enjoyable at the very least. For example, I’m enjoying Max Lord more in his new role as reluctant ally than his previous one as “Lex Luthor Lite”. He’s still overly hammy, but he’s grown on me. And though his plan to bomb the city was outrageous, especially given that the stakes did not seem that high, it gave Kara a good moral dilemma to chew on, which always ends up being a good thing.
Did I mention that Cat Grant was the best supporting character in Supergirl? Because she is, and she continued to be this week. I like the character enough to forgive the lazy writing that spared her from the mind control (science earrings, okay, I’ll bite) as long as it meant having her around. Her scene with Supergirl on the balcony, like all of her scenes with Supergirl on that same balcony, was the highlight of “Myriad”. And I’m still convinced she knows exactly who Supergirl is, because come on now. Also, having Calista Flockhart make a Harrison Ford joke was hilarious and so very Supergirl.
Overall, I would call “Myriad” a decent episode. Mostly stalling, peppered with very strong moments, it was an adequate if unexciting penultimate episode. And the ending, at least, with Kara and a mind-controlled, kryptonite-besuited Alex squaring off was an awesome cliffhanger.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Good)

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