TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow – “Last Refuge”

Last Refuge
Warning: this review contains spoilers. You can find all of my Legends of Tomorrow reviews here.
On paper, “Last Refuge” could have been one of the best episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, but it fell short. Though it was still an entertaining time travel episode, the weight of the incomprehensible and inconsistent time travel logic brought it down.
Every single rule of time travel that Legends and indeed other stories set to avoid paradoxes was thrown out the window. The Legends encountered their younger selves, their younger loved ones, and even abducted themselves as children, and hand-waved an explanation as to how they didn’t simply vanish on the spot. Normally I’d sit back and enjoy the show despite the confusion, but that I was unable to do so during “Last Refuge” was a weakness on the episode’s part.
There was still plenty to enjoy, though. Seeing young versions of Mick Rory and especially Sara Lance was great, and their interactions with their adult counterparts was even better. Rory even had a pointed talk with his younger self about his self-destructive choices that was pretty poignant. And Jax meeting his then-alive father and struggling with the decision to save him from a certain death was a compelling subplot.
The Pilgrim was an okay villain, better than the bounty hunters, but still a bit too undefined to be truly compelling. The silent but deadly trope worked well in her favour, but there needed to be more to her. Maybe “Last Refuge” was trying to evoke the Terminator in that sense, but Arnold Schwarzenegger’s presence was a major factor in that film’s success, and not something that can be easily replicated.
We also learned more of Rip’s backstory, specifically him as a child. Again, the Refuge’s placement in time was undefined and the time paradox involved in interfering so often in young Rip’s life makes my head ache, but it was still welcome to see. Especially when little child Rip stabbed the Pilgrim to death. Now that was an unforeseen development for sure!
The action was strong this week as well, mostly thanks to the Pilgrim’s time-slowing powers. The scene in which she froze all of the Legends in mid-action pose and the camera went around, showing off every single one of them, was pretty spectacular, the closest this show has gotten to a comic book splash page.
And, once again, a major weak point of the episode was Kendra and Ray’s subplot. But does that warrant repeating?

Rating: 3/5 (Passable)

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