TV Review: The Flash – “Magenta”

Warning: this review contains spoilers. You can find my all of my reviews of The Flash here.
After the fun but flawed “Flashpoint” storyline, The Flash benefited from a return to a more traditional episode in “Magenta”.
The big development in “Magenta” was the return of Wells and Jesse from Earth-2, and the revelation that Jesse was now a speedster.
It’s always great to have Harrison Wells back. Tom Cavanagh is simply fantastic on this show, and his Earth-2 Wells is especially delightful. His chemistry with the rest of the cast, especially Cisco, was as brilliant as ever. Plus, I loved seeing him scold Barry with great exasperation for going back in time again. The more room The Flash has for Harry, the happier I am.
Wells and JesseJesse Quick has powers now! I’m glad we finally got some payoff to her and Wally being exposed to the dark matter last season. Plus, her being a speedster was the main source of this week’s character drama.
Wally, naturally, wasn’t a fan of Jesse being the only one to get powers. This led to another great Joe West dad speech, but Wally felt left behind, and I don’t blame him. Even if jumping in front of a moving car is a tad extreme. And of course, Barry has his own reasons for not wanting Wally to have speed, since that nearly led to his death in the Flashpoint timeline.
I’m excited for Wally to eventually become Kid Flash, but I’m glad the show is holding off on giving him speed for now. We don’t want to run into too many speedsters syndrome; it’s best to space them out.
Harry being overprotective of Jesse is a familiar story from last season, so some of the drama in “Magenta” felt like treading old ground. Still, it was a solid character arc for him, and it ended in a great way in the final showdown with Magenta as he finally embraced his daughter’s desire to be a superhero. “Now run, Jesse, run!”
Magenta herself was a better villain of the week than usual, mostly because her backstory was a bit more fleshed out and sympathetic. Plus, Joey King played her well. And her powers led to a great climactic sequence with her levitating a tanker into the sky and threatening to drop it on a hospital.
All in all, The Flash eased back into more comfortable territory in “Magenta”. Hopefully it will only keep moving upwards from here.


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