TV Review: Agents of SHIELD – “Lockup”

Agents of SHIELD - "Lockup"
Warning: this review contains spoilers. You can find all of my Agents of SHIELD reviews here.
Much like the blackout in “Uprising”, “Lockup” used a clever scenario—a prison escape—to deliver a thrilling episode of Agents of SHIELD.
The bulk of “Lockup” took place inside of a prison, and the show flourished in that environment. Trapping Daisy, Coulson, May, Mack, and Robbie in a confined space with loose prisoners, possessed guards, and malicious ghosts was a recipe for pure excitement. Between Robbie taking down ghosts with a flaming chain and Daisy’s superb solo fight scene, the action in “Lockup” was top-notch.
The purpose of the prison break was to rescue Robbie’s uncle Eli Morrow from Lucy and the rest of the ghosts. A mission that ultimately failed thanks to Robbie, who lost control to Ghost Rider when faced with a member of the gang responsible for his brother’s paralysis. Though it was unfortunate for the team, the visually striking Ghost Rider is always welcome in my book. The sight of him walking down the corridor while the prisoners scurried back into their cells in fear was incredibly effective.
Also of note was May confronting Daisy about distancing herself from her friends. Though it didn’t do much to sway Daisy, it was a nice moment between her and her mentor, especially since the latter used to be in Daisy’s exact situation at the beginning of Season 1. That kind of consistent throughline in character development is a huge reason Agents of SHIELD gets better as it goes.
Back at SHIELD HQ, Simmons’s dreaded lie detector test was interrupted by Director Jeffrey Mace, who requested her help in a TV interview. One in which he revealed to the world that he was an Inhuman, proving yet again that Agents of SHIELD is not the kind of show that meanders about when it comes to payoffs. Which is why I hope we will get more information on the increasingly mysterious Mace soon. What secrets about the Vienna bombing did Jemma have as leverage over him? And what did Senator Nadeer ask of him in the pre-credits stinger?


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