TV Review: Supergirl – “The Darkest Place”

Supergirl - "The Darkest Place"
Warning: this review contains spoilers. You can find all of my Supergirl reviews here.
Supergirl pushed the Cadmus storyline to the forefront in “The Darkest Place”. Alongside this were several major revelations and developments, which almost didn’t get their due thanks to the episode devoting too much time to a secondary, much less interesting subplot.
The subplot in question belonged to James, a.k.a. Guardian. I was (and in theory still am) in support of this development of James’s character, as it gave him something interesting to do. But this week, he ate up too much screen time for a subplot that wasn’t even very good. It was basically a watered-down, abridged version of a story Arrow did better much last week.
It also hurt that this secondary plot line was totally detached from the main narrative. I’m sure that James’s side quest will become relevant to the primary plot in the future, but until then, the Guardian arc feels like a separate, inferior show intruding on Supergirl.
GuardianIt’s unfortunate, because “The Darkest Place” was a busy and important episode. Supergirl was captured by Cadmus, using Mon-El as bait. She fought with the original Hank Henshaw, who a) was alive! and b) had become Cyborg Superman, the identity his comic book counterpart is known for. She was depowered and had her blood taken by Lillian Luthor, who shed a small bit of light on her motivations. And she was freed by none other than the also very much alive Jeremiah Danvers.
Those were major developments, but they didn’t land with as much impact as they needed to. Mostly because aforementioned unfocused nature of “The Darkest Place” underplayed the importance of what was going on at Cadmus. Still, the bombshells dropped were both exciting and promising for the future of the season, if it can pull itself together.
Elsewhere, J’onn discovered that the blood he received from M’gann was in fact White Martian blood that was slowly transforming him into a White Martian. This led to a strong fight scene between J’onn and M’gann, as well as the latter’s imprisonment. Regretful though she may be, her participation in the genocide of the Green Martians, unwilling or otherwise, couldn’t go unaddressed. So I’m liking where this story is going so far.
We also saw some continuation of Alex’s romantic woes, as she first fought then eventually made up with Maggie after last week’s events. It wasn’t as strong as previous weeks’ material, but then again, she can’t be expected to carry every episode on her own.


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