Lego Batman Wasn’t Just a Great Parody: It Was a Great Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie
The Lego Batman Movie is a great animated comedy. It’s energetic, funny, and sharp, with eye-popping animation, exciting action, and quick-fire humour at 60 jokes a minute. But more than that, it’s a legitimately great Batman movie.
Through walking, talking Lego bricks, Lego Batman dives deep into Bruce Wayne’s psyche and delivers a genuine and affecting tale of loneliness and isolation. This Batman may be a caricature of himself, but it’s a parody that nails the core of Batman’s characterization. It also captures the essence of classic Batman stories—especially those that deal with Batman’s seclusion and the growth of the “Bat family” (like Dark Victory and Robin / Batgirl: Year One).
If you’d told me last year that an excellent Batman character study was coming not from Batman v Superman, but from The Lego Batman Movie, I would… probably have believed you, actually.
And even as it pays tribute to the Batman mythology, full of references to everything from lines to props to obscure villains, Lego Batman isn’t afraid to make fun of it either. It cleverly pokes holes at recurring Batman tropes and throws the more ridiculous elements of his 78-year legacy under the bus.
If you’re a Batman fan, you’re bound to be delighted by this clever yet thoughtful take on the character. And if not, you will enjoy The Lego Batman Movie for the charming, hilarious, and action-packed animated adventure it is.

Rating: (4/5)

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