Deathly Hallows Animated Project

Back in early 2009, animation was beginning to grow into a major passion of mine. That, my Harry Potter fandom, and my penchant for voice-over work inspired me to attempt to make a full animated version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1 of its movie version wouldn’t be coming out until November 2010, with Part 2 following in July 2011, so I figured I had time to beat Warner Bros. How very wrong I was. After several months of hard work, I managed to finish the first scene, which you can view below (in 4 parts, due to Internet issues, for which I apologize). It goes without saying that you shouldn’t expect Hollywood quality here, just basic stuff. I was a one-man movie production team after all.
After that, I worked on the next scene, which is to this day incomplete. Here is an abridged version of it.
I also completed a few shots from random parts in the movie. Here, for example, is a brief snippet of a brooding Snape, part of a Christmas Eve scene that was not in the book but that I’d planned to include anyway in order to give a glimpse of how gloomy Hogwarts had become.
This next shot was supposed to open ‘Part 2’. Taking place right after the Dobby scene at Shell Cottage, it would open with Luna one morning walking out towards the burial site with some flowers, then looking over to the sea and finding Harry sitting alone.
Finally, a few random clips from ‘The Tale of the Three Brothers’, showing the conjured bridge appearing out of thin air, and the shadowy, smoky form of Death as I imagined the character taking shape and stopping the brothers.
And really that’s about as far as I got in this endeavour. I hope you liked what little of it you saw.