Justice Lego

Everything indeed is awesome for Batman, but not so much for the rest of the Justice League. While Wonder Woman and the JLA await their own movie, his biggest concern is probably which actor will play him next! Speaking of which, Will Arnett was a great Batman in The Lego Movie, a delightful film I advise everyone to go see.
It was both challenging and fun to draw this comic, and I hope you enjoyed the end result.


Pre-Crisis. Post-Crisis. Flashpoint. New 52. Earth-Zero, Earth-One, Earth Prime… DC’s continuity can be a bit overwhelming at times. (Here’s the issue in question, by the way).
Note: I’d actually planned another comic for this week, but the US government shutdown ended, thus making my idea no longer relevant, so I decided to tackle another, somewhat older US government-related scandal.
Announcement: I will be changing my posting schedule to one comic per two weeks until further notice, so as to give each comic its due without rushing any of them, and to be more timely in my posting as opposed to always overshooting my Wednesday deadline. Expect the next one to be up on October 30.