LOST: Two Sides, Two Viewers

There are two types of LOST viewers: those who say it stopped being good after season three, and those who will say it only truly became great after season three.
Starting with season four, LOST moved from “mild science fiction and mystery” to “absolutely crazy”. It became difficult for many existing viewers to keep accepting the stranger, more confusing elements and to keep up with the wacky narrative, and it was pretty much impossible for new viewers to jump in by that point. As a result, ratings started to dwindle, but those who stayed were greatly rewarded, as the show’s quality skyrocketed, the narrative became tighter, better paced, and more focused, and the stranger elements, once accepted, were a delight to watch.
As for me, I’m definitely in the second category. LOST’s fearlessness is one of the elements I miss the most.
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