Disguises 101

At this stage in pop culture everyone is aware of how terrible Superman’s civilian disguise as Clark Kent is, and how oblivious the people in Metropolis—and especially the employees of the Daily Planet—must be to not be able to make the connection. It’s an aspect that’s been joked about and explained away in too many ways to count.
But oh boy, anyone who’s watched a few episodes of Pokémon remembers that Clark Kent has got nothing on Team Rocket. We all remember the scenario: Jessie and James dress up in lazy, goofy, or just plain outrageous costumes, yet our ever-perceptive and not-at-all-gullible protagonists never seem to recognize the angry woman with the voluminous purple hair and the overacting blue-haired man with a tendency to cross-dress, no matter how thin their ‘disguises’ are, until it’s too late—by which time Ash, shocked, would gasp and dramatically proclaim, “It’s Team Rocket!” while the audience facepalms.
In all honesty though, Team Rocket are still two of my favourite cartoon characters, and this comic is mainly to pay homage to them. It was a lot of fun and quite a bit of work to draw them, and I hope I did them justice.

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