If You’re from Dathomir, Why Are You Red?

What does it say about me that the first thing I thought of when I decided to make a Halloween special was a Star Wars Mean Girls mashup?
What does it say about Star Wars that there is literally only one other female character in the Original Trilogy, forcing me to put Mon Mothma in a Tooka cat costume and go partying with the much younger Princess Leia?
Behind-the-scenes: at one point I intended to have Darth Maul in there somewhere, considering he doesn’t even need a costume to look Halloweeney, but I decided that 12 panels was a few too many—although I did keep the title of the comic even after cutting him out. Besides, what would he be doing at a rebel Halloween party (as evidenced by the Palpatine, Death Star, and Darth Vader pumpkins)? Who knows, maybe I’ll include those deleted panels in a special release later on.
Happy Halloween everyone!

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