“I’m Not Sexist, But…”

I’m surprised at how many people have decided to hate the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot—which, by the way, is too early in development for us to gauge how good it might be—seemingly based solely on the fact that it has an all-female cast. But no, they’re not sexist! They just don’t like an all-female cast because it’s a “gimmick” (because all-male casts are also considered gimmicks, right?). Or they don’t like Melissa McCarthy because she only plays one kind of role (which other popular comedians like Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Will Ferrell never do, of course). No, they’re not sexist. But political correctness is ruining their childhood, dammit!
Speaking of which, I was first introduced to the Ghostbusters franchise through the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon, which featured an all-new “politically correct” cast of characters, and it was awesome. I’ve been waiting for a new film ever since. So yeah, I’m definitely excited.
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