Marvel vs Star Wars: Avengers Edition

I’m finally back with a brand new comic!
Three months ago, Marvel Comics gained the rights to Star Wars comic books from Dark Horse Comics. Upon hearing this news, the first thing that popped into my head was this dream crossover, one that is now technically possible but in all likelihood will never happen. Still, my mind was already marveling at the possibilities (no pun intended), and I couldn’t resist bringing them to life, which is why I opted out of a humorous or satirical comic this time around.
As far as the drawing style goes, I went with a slightly more detailed approach than usual, and I tried to make it look more like a comic book than my usual stuff. I used a different set of digital brushes, and I even experimented with a small amount of hatching and crosshatching, a technique I’m a complete beginner at, but one that I think evokes a comic book look.
For the characters’ looks, I tried to stick as close to the movies as possible, but I took a few liberties here and there (I chose to draw the wings on Captain America’s helmet and the symbol on Hawkeye’s chest, for example, closer to their comic book counterparts).
This comic took an unexpectedly long time to finish, too long to still be relevant to the news that sparked the idea to begin with, which is why I decided to post it the weekend of Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s release. Of course, many characters are missing, but I’m hoping to follow this up with a sequel somewhere down the line. I hope this has been worth the wait!
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