Pixelated Lines

I wish the Internet’s irrational hatred for computer effects would stop. Both CGI and practical effects have their advantages and disadvantages. Both of them will look fake to a certain degree. That depends partly on the skill and efforts of the artists behind them—and let’s be clear: there is nothing “lazy” about CGI; just because it’s in a computer doesn’t mean it took less work—and partly on personal preference. Neither is objectively better than the other. That’s why modern movies use a combination of both.
Which brings me to my next wish: let’s please not overestimate the use of CGI in blockbuster movies, especially those with practical effects-reliant predecessors like the Star Wars prequels or the Hobbit trilogy. Contrary to popular belief, those films made heavy use of practical effects as well.
So, for example, let’s not hasten to assume that Star Wars Episode VII will use minimal CGI and feel like it was made in 1980, simply because we saw some puppets and practical sets in leaked pictures. The prequels had those too. And this is 2014.
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