Transformers in One Frame

While there are quite a few Michael Bay films I do enjoy, there are several recurring elements and visuals in his films, especially the Transformers movies, that I severely dislike, including:
  1. An excess of orange and teal colour grading.
  2. Extreme high contrast.
  3. An impact-dampening excess of explosions.
  4. Military-loving shots of helicopters and soldiers against a setting sun.
  5. Car chases whenever possible (and, in the case of Transformers, a love affair with General Motors).
  6. Also in the case of Transformers, barely distinguishable robots engaging in confusing battles.
  7. Finally, something that can’t be captured in one frame (but is perfectly explained in this video), lots and lots of motion in highly populated shots.
Together, these elements ensure that Michael Bay films are bright, messy, relentlessly busy, and almost impossible to keep up with, visually speaking. Based on the box office revenue of the latest film, perhaps this is a filmmaking style that works for a lot of people, but I’m happy being left out of that group.

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